Elderly care


In the field of elderly care, the group has actively launched services serving China's national strategies for tackling challenges brought about by the aging population, and set up Genertec Health & Senior care to develop health and elderly care business. Genertec has also established a strong presence across the fields of health management, pharmaceuticals and medical services, rehabilitation, elderly care, as well as integrated health and medical care, sharpened its capabilities to operate and manage professional elderly care service companies, proactively developed diverse service models, such as home-based and community-based elderly care services, elderly care at institutions, and elderly care-oriented tourism services, and expanded into associated fields like assistive devices for the elderly, training, and elderly-friendly renovation. 

Currently, Genertec provides over 6,000 beds for elderly care services in 40 facilities of various types in 16 provinces and cities across the country. The group has actively participated in reforms of medical and health care training institutions and sanatoriums affiliated to government institutions, SOEs, and public institutions, transforming them into inclusive elderly care service providers. It has taken over 56 such institutions across the country, adding nearly 10,000 reserve beds for elderly care services. 

Moving forward, Genertec will stick to the path of integrated development of health and medical care services, and provide the elderly with whole-process health care services encompassing daily care, health management, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, rehabilitation, and hospice care, thus becoming a dynamic force driving China's elderly care-related undertakings.

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