Engineering services


Generate has served as China's main channel and main force for the import and export of advanced technologies and major equipment in the field of engineering services. In the early days of the PRC, Genertec undertook 156 key import projects, which have laid the foundation for the industrialization of China. Over the past more than seven decades, Genertec has imported a substantial number of advanced technologies and complete equipment, contributing significantly to the country's undertakings for industrialization and independent development of major technologies and equipment. It has deeply engaged in construction of the Belt and Road and international capacity cooperation, having exported over $ 4 billion worth of capacity cooperation projects to over 20 countries and regions of the world.

It was ranked 125th on ENR's list of the Top 250 International Contractors 2023. Its subsidiaries in engineering services have obtained top-level qualifications as construction contractors, having built a batch of famous and high-quality projects that are influential at home and abroad. These projects have won major awards such as the Luban Prize for Construction Projects and the National Quality Engineering Award in China. Genertec will continue playing an active role in cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). By further deepening international cooperation on increasing production capacity, providing whole-process comprehensive engineering services, and sharpening capabilities to provide integrated business services and to integrate global resources, Genertec will consolidate its position as the main force for the import and export of advanced technologies and major equipment in engineering services.

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