Equipment manufacturing


Manufacturing of high-end numerically-controlled machine tools is the top one core business of Genertec. In recent years, the group has incorporated seven of the 18 leading machine tool manufacturers in the industry through mergers and acquisitions. These enterprises, with a history of about 70 years, play a significant role in developing the machine tool industry of China. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC), Genertec has created many "firsts" of the New China, including the first lathe, the first drilling machine, the first boring machine, and the first computer numerical control machine tool, making important contributions to the industrialization and modernization of China.

At present, Genertec has grown into a leading machine tool company in China, which boasts the most comprehensive product categories, provides the widest range of services, and maintains comprehensive technological competitiveness. Besides, Genertec provides the largest number of high-end core equipment for key industries and areas.

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