Financial services


Genertec provides financial services covering such fields as financial leasing, capital operations, and asset management. Its subsidiary, Genertec Universal Medical, is leading the way in China's medical financial leasing market. It is able to provide hospitals with financial solutions centered on financial leasing, and has provided customized financial solutions for more than 2,000 hospital clients. By focusing on its industrial layout and developing its core businesses, Genertec Capital, a subsidiary of Genertec, has built an investment network covering direct investment, direct investment funds, mother funds, and partner funds. It has also integrated and gathered together internal and external resources, and promoted high-efficiency synergy between investment and industries. Genertec Fiance, adhering to the business philosophy of "integrating financial services into industries to serve main business", offers flexible financial products and all-round financial advisory services to members of Genertec. Taking serving Genertec's strategic adjustments to industrial layout as its goal, Genertec AMC orients its operations toward boosting Genertec's asset operation efficiency, and actively provides resource support for the development of Genertec's main business.

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